What is Fintamin?

Inspired by different vitamins for every need, Fintamin is here to support your financial well-being. Each Fintamin (Financial Vitamin) provides its own nutrients for different money management challenges. The dosage depends on the stages of your financial illness. Fintamin doesn't cure your money ailments, but if taken with care every day, you'll see a huge difference and improvements in your personal or even family's financial health.

How to join Fintamin Games

Create a Jago Account
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What You Can Win!

Raffle Prizes

Get raffle tickets by completing all of the games. Spread the news to everyone you know, as
the more participants, the cooler the prizes that can be won! The more
raffle tickets you collect, the bigger the chances to win! Withdrawal of main prizes will be done by the end of the period.
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This program is not sponsored by Apple Inc.

Instant Reward

Directly win these prizes after completing 1 Fintamin Game.


Join the social media competitions to win bonus prizes.

Collect your Raffle Tickets & Win the Weekly Prizes!

Apple Watch 6

< 500.000

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

500.000 - 1.000.000

Rp20,000,000 Mutual Fund on Bibit

> 1.000.000

Apple Watch 6

< 500.000 participants

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

500.000 - 1.000.000 participants

Rp20,000,000 Mutual Fund on Bibit

> 1.000.000 participants

What are the games?

Fintamin A Game

Analyze Expenses

Use your Jago Visa debit card and analyze your 1 month expenses

Instant Reward

    • 2 x Rp25,000 GoFood Vouchers • 5 Raffle Tickets


    • GoFood vouchers worth Rp1,000,000
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Fintamin D Game

Disciplined in saving and investing

Set a saving goal and start investing with Bibit

Instant Reward

    • Rp50,000 Bibit Investment Balance • 10 Raffle Tickets for every autodebit transactions


    • Reach your goals & dreams with Bibit
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Coming Soon

Fintamin B Game

Coming Soon

Fintamin C Game


  1. Period: 11 November 2021 - 3 March 2022
  2. Requirements:
    • Fintamin Games participants must have a registered Jago account
    • All Jago users (existing and new) can participate in every Fintamin Games challenges
    • Participants must ensure that they have the latest version of the Jago app

Terms & Conditions

  1. This program is not sponsored by Apple Inc.
  2. The prizes tax for the Fintamin Games prizes are borne by Jago
  3. This promotion is free of charge
  4. This promotion is valid for all Jago users with the exception of Jago employee & Jago with 0% interest customers
  5. Prizes are non-cashable and non-transferable
  6. Jago has the right to change the Terms & Conditions of this program if deemed necessary by providing information through Jago's website, application and social media accounts
  7. Decisions, conditions, or changes to conditions made by Jago cannot be contested
  8. Jago reserves the right to cancel promotional prizes if there are indications of fraud or violations of the terms and conditions of this promotion
  9. Jago and the customer agree to mutually release and free the other party from all claims, demands, losses, costs that may arise in connection with this program, if occurs, due to negligence of each party
  10. By participating in the Fintamin Games, Jago users agree to allow Jago to provide personal data in the form of telephone numbers to third parties who collaborate with Jago in the context of awarding prizes
  11. By participating in the Fintamin Games, Jago users acknowledge, understand, and agree to all applicable terms and conditions
  12. Jago has the right to cancel any promotional prizes if there is any indication of fraud or violation of the terms and conditions of the promotion
  13. These terms and conditions have been made following the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations, including the regulations of the Financial Services Authority (OJK)
  14. Should you have any questions, please contact us via the official Jago Customer Care contact numbers at 1500746 or (021) 3000 0746, email us at [email protected], and also our social media channels (Instagram and Twitter) at @tanyajago

Fintamin (Financial Vitamin) is a series of nutrients that will help maintain financial health and resilience. Each Fintamin provides efficacy and has different recommendations for use, depending on the stage of life. Fintamin does not promise quick results. However, regular intake of Fintamin can maximize financial health and resilience individually, with family and loved ones.

There are 6 Fintamins that Jago recommends for you to consume. See the complete information about Fintamin A, B, C, D, E, and K here.

Fintamin Games is a series of competition by Jago to help you gain financial health through fun and exciting challenges. For each game that you completed, you'll be rewarded with instant rewards and also raffle tickets to join the dynamic raffle. The raffle will have weekly & monthly prizes, and the grand prize at the end of the period.

Anyone with a registered Jago account can join the Fintamin Games in exclusion of Jago employees and Jago with 0% interest customers.

This event will start from 11 November 2021 until 3 March 2022.

Yes, you can! You can join as many games as you'd like. The more challenges you join, the more rewards and raffle tickets you'll get!

You can win instant rewards such as vouchers and cashbacks. You will also win raffle tickets to join the dynamic raffle and get a chance to win big prizes! Check each fintamin game page or the raffle page to know more.

The rewards injection period varies for each fintamin game. See each games' terms & conditions for the exact mechanism.

You can track your progress from the Fintamin Games section in your Jago app.

Collect the raffle tickets from completing challenges in the Fintamin Games or join the Jago Rame Rame promo. You can join the raffle even with 1 (one) raffle ticket.

The raffle will start with the weekly and monthly draw from November 2021 and ends with the grand prize draw on 3 March 2022.

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