Fintamin D Game
Fintamin D Game

Fintamin D Game

Don't let yourself get distracted and affect your financial performance!
Stay focused and reach your target with Bibit and Fintamin D: Disciplined in Saving and Investing.
Show your consistency in completing each game and win the prizes from Jago and Bibit!

Complete the Fintamin D Game
and win

Instant Reward

• Rp50,000 Bibit Investment Balance
• 10 Raffle Tickets for every autodebit transactions


• Rp5,000,000 Bibit Investment Balance

How to Join the Fintamin D Game

    (Skip this step if you already have a Jago and Bibit account)
  • Download the Jago app and register
  • Download the Bibit app and register
  • Go to Jago Pocket page
  • Choose Bibit Pocket
  • Click Link
  • Ensure that you have the right Bibit account and click continue
  • Enter the 4 digit verification code
  • Input your Bibit pin
  • Your accounts are linked
  • Open your Bibit app
  • Add a portfolio and set up your saving goal
  • Set up payment with the Autodebit Jago feature in Bibit
  • Set a weekly payment of a minimum amount of Rp50,000
  • Complete all 6 weekly autodebit transactions in a row without interruptions to earn a total of 60 raffle tickets

Watch this video for the complete how-to


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1. Period: 11 November 2021 - 30 December 2021
  • This game is open for all Jago and Bibit users (existing and new)
  • Autodebit first setup period: 11 November 2021 - 30 December 2021
  • Make your first autodebit payment by the latest on 30 December 2021
2. Requirements
  • Each autodebit transaction must be at least Rp50,000
  • Autodebit payment transactions must occur weekly without interruption

Terms & Conditions

  1. You will receive the Rp50,000 Bibit investment balance 1 week after completing all 6-weeks autodebit transactions
  2. Cashback is only valid for users who successfully completed 6 (six) weekly transactions in a row using Jago Autodebit
  3. You will receive the 10 raffle tickets within 5 days after each successful autodebit transactions up until 30 December 2021
  4. The tax for the Fintamin D Game prizes are borne by Bibit
  5. This promotion is free of charge
  6. This promotion is valid for all Jago users with the exception of Jago employee & Jago with 0% interest customers
  7. Prizes are non-cashable and non-transferable
  8. Jago has the right to change the Terms & Conditions of this program if deemed necessary by providing information through Jago's website, application and social media accounts
  9. Decisions, conditions, or changes to conditions made by Jago cannot be contested
  10. Jago reserves the right to cancel promotional prizes if there are indications of fraud or violations of the terms and conditions of this promotion
  11. Jago and the customer agree to mutually release and free the other party from all claims, demands, losses, costs that may arise in connection with this program, if occurs, due to negligence of each party
  12. By participating in the Fintamin Games, Jago users agree to allow Jago to provide personal data in the form of telephone numbers to third parties who collaborate with Jago in the context of awarding prizes
  13. By participating in the Fintamin Games, Jago users acknowledge, understand, and agree to all applicable terms and conditions
  14. These terms and conditions have been made following the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations, including the regulations of the Financial Services Authority (OJK)
  15. Should you have any questions, please contact us via the official Jago Customer Care contact numbers at 1500746 or (021) 3000 0746 and email us at [email protected]

Anyone with a registered Jago account can join the Fintamin Games in exclusion of Jago & Bibit employees and Jago with 0% interest customers.

Yes! Please create a new Bibit account if you don't have one.

Yes! You can choose any savings goal according to your personal target.

Yes! Rp50,000 is the minimum amount. You can go bigger, even better!

In order to win the Rp50,000 Bibit investment balance, you will have to complete the 6-week autodebit transaction with no interruption. Make sure that the balance in your Jago Pocket is sufficient each time for the autodebit to be successful.

If you missed 1 or more autodebit transaction, you are no longer eligible to win the cashback. But you will still get raffle tickets for your successful consecutive transactions. For example:
Week 1: Autodebit successful
Week 2: Autodebit successful
Week 3: Autodebit successful
Week 4: No autodebit
Week 5: No autodebit
Week 6: Autodebit successful

You will then get 3 x 10 raffle tickets for your successful transactions on week 1, 2, and 3.

Yes! You just have to make sure that you use Jago Autodebit as a payment method and let it run for 6 weeks in a row within the game period.

You will receive the Bibit investment balance 1 (one) week after completing your last transaction from your 6-week autodebit setup. Make sure that you setup your 1st autodebit transaction within 11 November 2021 - 30 December 2021.

The balance will be injected to your Bibit account.

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