Jago is Now Available on Gojek

A collaboration that makes your life easier is finally here.
Connect your Jago Pocket with Gojek to enjoy the convenience of paying for services without having to top up anymore.

All The Benefits You Can Get!

Use Jago Pocket as your payment method on Gojek.
No top-ups, no switching apps.

Create a Jago Pocket for each of your Gojek needs to make it easier to manage expenses.

Awesome, right?

Connect your Jago Pocket now and enjoy the benefits above without monthly admin fees!

How to connect your Jago Pocket with Gojek

  1. Open Setting on your Gojek Apps
  2. Choose Payment Method
  3. Add Jago Pocket
  4. Download and register on Jago
  5. Login if you already have Jago account
  6. Choose Kantong Jago

How to Pay Gojek Services with Kantong Jago

  1. Order GoRide/GoCar/GoFood, or pay GoBills
  2. Choose Payment Method
  3. Pick your Jago pocket that has been connected to your Gojek
  4. Or pick another pocket to be connected
  5. Pay with Jago Pocket

You can use Jago Pocket as a payment method for these services:

GoFood GoTagihan GoCar GoRide GoBluebird

What is Jago?

Bank Jago is a life finance solution provider that is supervised by Bank Indonesia and the OJK. We help you to make money management simple, innovative, and collaborative, so you can focus on living your life with family and friends.

Jago Pockets
Split your spending and savings into multiple pockets to help you control your finances.
Plan Ahead
Automate your bills payment and recurring transfers. Easy and no more forgetting any payments!
Shared Pockets
Achieve dreams together with your friends & family by saving together.
Fast and secure
Supervised by OJK and LPS, Jago uses state of the art technoogy to secure your login and all your transactions
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