4 Ways to Make Budgeting Fun

17 January 2022

4 Ways to Make Budgeting Fun 4 Ways to Make Budgeting Fun

Who among Jagoans doesn't like making a budget? In fact, budgeting is very important. Jago has discussed the relationship between budgeting and reduced financial anxiety in a previous article. This time, Jago wants to share the 4 ways to make budgeting fun.

Budgeting Becomes Fun with These 4 Ways

1. Just make it easy and simple

The easier and simpler something is, the more fun it will be and it won't take long to do it. The same applies when creating a budget, whether weekly or monthly. You also avoid stress for sure.

To make it fun, you can start by creating a special schedule for budgeting. The time must be the same, for example every 1st or on the payday.

Then, to make it easy and simple, there is no need for super detailed budgeting, with more than 100 categories of needs, for example. Later you can feel overwhelmed when you have to stick to the budget. You can start with 15 - 20 categories of needs. Choose a number that suits you, no need to follow other people's needs and budget categories.

2. Focus on your financial goals

Take the time to make a list of financial goals you want to achieve, both short and long term. Do you want to travel to Europe one day? Do you want to pursue a higher education? What about retirement savings and emergency savings?

After that, you can set a budget for each goal. When there is something you want to achieve, you will look at budgeting in a different way. You become excited and enthusiastic when preparing a budget. After all, budgeting is simply about deciding how you will use your money.

3. Give yourself a reward

Sticking to the budget requires consistency and discipline, and is an achievement in itself if you manage to do it. So, there's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself when this happens, Jagoans.

The reward doesn't have to be excessive. For example, you can pamper yourself at the spa or treat your stomach at a fancy restaurant before making your next budget.

But what if you don't manage to stick to the budget? You don't need to punish yourself, which can lead to you stopping budgeting. Most importantly, you realize what went wrong and try to fix it so that you are closer to your financial goals.

4. Use an application that can help you budget more easily and practically

Manual budgeting takes longer than when you use an application. You have to calculate the budget, do the tracking, etc. Sooner or later you’re going to find it not very fun.

The solution? You can use the Jago application. With Jago, you can easily separate your various needs into different Pockets. The Jago application allows you to create up to 20 Saving Pockets and 20 Spending Pockets.

Then, you can transfer the budget from the Main Pocket to any Saving and Spending Pockets that have been created. After that, when the budget starts to be used, you can monitor the budget in real-time.

You can also see the comparison of expenses between months in percentage, which is presented in a diagram that is easy for you to understand with the Spend Analysis feature. This way, you can monitor your financial health at any time. So much fun right?

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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