4 Smart Tips to Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping

28 June 2022

4 Smart Tips to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping becomes important when you have kids. Some parents go shopping before the new school year. Some others prefer to shop before the new semester. Whenever you do your back-to-school shopping, you can save money with these 4 tips.

How to Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping

1. Make a list of what to buy

First of all, of course you need to know what to buy. So that you do not forget anything, you can make a shopping list. If there are many things on the list, you can sort from the most important because this is the one that must be purchased first.

2. Take the time to hunt for discounts or cheapest prices

Usually there are many discounts offered by retailers ahead of the new semester or school year. To get the best discounts or the cheapest prices, you need to take the time. To make it more fun, you can make it a family activity.

But remember, when you are doing the shopping, be sure to stick to the shopping list. If not, there is a risk of overspending because you may be tempted to buy other unnecessary things.

3. Buy in bulk

The next thing you can do to save money on back-to-school shopping is buy in bulk. Even though you spend more money buying at once, you end up saving a lot more. Purchases in bulk are a great idea for items that are constantly needed and durable, such as notebooks and stationery.

4. Create a back-to-school budget

Do not forget to separate the back-to-school budget. In addition to ensuring that the budget is not mixed with the budget for other purposes, having a budget also helps ensure that you spend money as planned. From the shopping list, you can estimate how much budget should be allocated.

If when shopping you spend less money than the allocated because there are many discounts and competitive price offers, no problem. It's actually good, Jagoans. The money you have left can be spent on other expenses. What’s important is not to go over budget.

Budgeting is Fun With the Jago Pocket

Who says budgeting is complicated and boring? With the Jago Pocket, budgeting becomes fun. For back-to-school shopping, you can create a Spending Pocket and allocate the budget to the Pocket. You can also create lots of other Spending Pockets if there are various needs and you don't want them to mix up.

Apart from Spending Pockets, you can also create Saving Pockets with Jago. If you feel that allocating a back-to-school budget at once is hard, you can set aside money little by little every month. When it's time to do the shopping, you can change the function of the Saving Pocket to Spending Pocket.

Time to use Jago to enjoy easy and practical budgeting. In addition to the Jago Pocket, there are many other features that can help you become a step better at managing your finances. Haven't used Jago yet? The Jago application can be downloaded here.

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