Streaming Movies & TV Series Without Being Broke: Managing Monthly Budget the PNS Way

2 October 2021

Streaming Movies & TV Series Without Being Broke: Managing Monthly Budget the PNS Way Streaming Movies & TV Series Without Being Broke: Managing Monthly Budget the PNS Way

Nowadays, more and more films and TV series are popping up to make your life less stressful. You were feeling annoyed at the office, but after coming home you find yourself being entertained by Korean dramas, Indian series or dramas from other countries. Watching horror movies or action movies with your other half or besties is also super fun.

But be careful, you can become broke if you just stream all the time and forget about other obligations, such as paying monthly bills. You can follow how a Streaming Lover known as PNS manages her monthly budget, which Jago will share in this article.

Streaming Movies & TV Series Without Being Broke: Managing Monthly Budget the PNS Way

Jagoans, what will happen to your life if you forget to pay this and that? You forget to pay the house rent, life becomes full of drama as you are being scolded by your landlord. You forget to pay the water bill, well, another drama takes place since you can’t take a shower.

Not to mention, when you remember and intend to pay, you don’t have the money because it’s been used up for streaming services and internet quotas.

There surely will be a lot of drama. Drama is only suitable for you to watch and as entertainment. Don’t let your life become a drama. Agree?

So what should you do to still be able to stream your favorite movies and series as much as you want without being broke when there are a lot of other expenses?

You can follow the PNS way. She is able to manage her monthly budget excellently. Pay regular expenses first, stream later.

There are various expenses that PNS must pay. She has to pay the electricity bill, pay for the house rent and transfer to her parents every month. Those are just a small part. There are other needs such as food and transportation to the office. Oh yes, PNS also wants to start saving for her dreamy wedding one day.

Relying on Jago to Be Good at Managing Monthly Budget

PNS is so happy that she came across the Jago application, because the Jago application allows her to separate every need in its own Pocket. Pay first whichever needs to be paid.

Another cool thing about Pocket is that each Pocket can be renamed as you wish. There are Pockets called OTW to My Wedding, for Mom & Dad and House Rent. Then, once the Pockets have been created, she can allocate some budget, as needed, into each Pocket. Since this is routine, she allocates more or less the same amount every month.

So that she never forgets again, she sets all routine monthly transfers to run automatically. No hassle at all. She simply uses the ’Plan Ahead’ feature.

After all the obligations are fulfilled, now PNS can know how much money she has left. If she wants to allocate all to a Pocket called Streaming Movies, she can do it without worry. If she wants to spare a little for some exquisite dinner, she can. No more being broke.

Start following the PNS way to manage your finances from now on and feel that managing money is easy and practical. The Jago application can be downloaded here.

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