Get Christmas THR? Spend Money Wisely when Celebrating Christmas with These 4 Tips

17 December 2021

Spend Money Wisely when Celebrating Christmas with These 4 Tips

Getting a Christmas THR feels so awesome, the balance in your account gets ‘fatter’. You may want to do a lot of Christmas shopping, especially with the many discounts offered. You may also want to buy gifts for your loved ones and celebrate Christmas with some kind of party.

They are all fine, Jagoans, as long as you are wise in spending money. If you aren’t, the balance in your account can become ‘skinny’ as soon as Christmas is over. Jago has 4 tips that can help you spend money wisely when celebrating Christmas.

4 Tips for Spending Your Christmas Money Wisely

1. Make a list and don't look away from it

You need to make a list of what Christmas activities you will do. If you are going to buy Christmas presents, make a list of the recipient names. If you want to go Christmas shopping, write down what items you want to buy. You need to always stick to the list. There can be no other list.

2. Have a Christmas budget and stick to it faithfully

After making a Christmas list, you can set a Christmas budget. With a Christmas THR, you can spend money more freely. But still, don’t splurge, Jagoans. Some of the THR can go to savings as well.

To avoid splurging, you can set a Christmas budget. Just like the Christmas list, you must faithfully stick to your budget.

Easy and practical budgeting can be done in the Jago application. The existence of the Pockets feature makes it easy for you to separate your needs. You can create 1 Spending Pocket for Christmas shopping needs. Once created, you can allocate money to the Christmas Pocket.

3. Find the best discounts or offers

Before spending money on items on the list, you can look for the best discounts or offers. You can compare prices offered by various stores and buy at places that offer discounts or provide the best deals.

It’s nice if there are big discounts for some items. You may still have some budget left after all items on the list have been crossed out one by one. You can spend more, as long as it doesn't exceed your budget.

4. Use Jago Visa Debit Card

Avoid using a credit card if you don't want to overspend when Christmas shopping. The solution? You can use the Jago Visa Debit Card.

In order to stick to your Christmas budget, you just need to link your Jago Visa Debit Card to the Christmas Pocket. When Christmas is over, you can unlink it and find another Spending Pocket to link to. Shopping will be more comfortable with the Jago Visa Debit Card.

Read more in the article Everything You Need to Know about Jago Visa Debit Card.

So Jagoans, are you ready to celebrate Christmas with various fun and exciting activities? If you don't have a Jago account yet, you can first download the Jago application here and then complete your Jago account registration.

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