Don't Be Late Paying Credit Card Bills, Jago Has The Solution

8 February 2022

Don't Be Late Paying Credit Card Bills, A Solution from Jago

Who likes shopping using a credit card? Do you always pay your bills on time? It's great if credit card bills are always paid on time. For those who often forget, Jago has a solution.

Risks of Paying Credit Card Bills Late

1. Paying fine and interest that are not small

If you are late paying a credit card bill, you will be subject to a large fine. The percentage of the fine imposed must be multiplied by the amount of your credit card bill in the month you forgot to make a payment.

The bigger the bill, the bigger the fine you have to pay. Ouch! Instead of paying a fine, isn’t it better to save the money?

Then, if you only pay the minimum or part of the total bill, you will also be charged interest in arrears.

2. Dealing with the bank

The bank where you applied for your credit card will not be silent if you have not made a credit card bill payment. The bank will contact you many times and remind you to pay off the bill immediately. If it is still not paid off, there is a possibility that the bank will assign a debt collector.

Instead of being contacted by the bank, let alone being visited by debt collectors who can make life uneasy, it would be nice if you always pay credit card bills in full and on time.

3. Credit score can be affected

Credit score is one of the bank's considerations if you want to get a loan one day. The credit score also determines how much loan you can receive from the bank. History of credit card use affects credit scores. If you are often late paying credit card bills, your credit score can decrease.

4. Entering Bank Indonesia’s Blacklist

The Blacklist is not a fun list. Entering the Bank Indonesia’s Black List will make it difficult for you if you want to access bank credit in the future. Bank Indonesia has a track record of every customer, including a track record of credit card payments.

Jago's Solution to Paying Credit Card Bills On Time

You can have peace of mind when you pay all kinds of bills, including credit card bills, on time. To become a Jagoan who is never late in making payments, you can apply Jago’s solution, the Plan Ahead feature.

The Plan Ahead feature allows you to make recurring credit card bill payments. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Plan Ahead on the Home page.
  2. Choose Plus (+) icon.
  3. Choose New.
  4. Choose Credit Card.
  5. Input your credit card account number.
  6. Input the amount and click Next.
  7. Specify the payment date, frequency, and payment approval reminder that is suitable for you.
  8. If all settings are correct, click Create Schedule.

Make sure you always pay credit card bills on time. To be able to take advantage of the Plan Ahead feature, you need to have the Jago application and then create a Jago account.

The Jago application can be downloaded here if you don't have it yet.

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