Together We Are Jago at Avoiding Skimming, Here Are the Characteristics

14 September 2022

Together We Are Jago at Avoiding Skimming, Here Are the Characteristics

Fraudsters have a lot of ideas. When one idea doesn't work, they will try another. The important thing is that we all stay vigilant, Jagoans to avoid getting caught by any fraud techniques. This time, Jagomin wants to talk about skimming by Mas PENING (Penipuan Metode Skimming - Skimming Fraud Method).

Together We Are Jago at Avoiding Skimming

The main goal of Mas PENING is to break into customers' personal data. This customer can be anyone Jagoans, including you as a Jago Bank customer or Jago application user. Personal data referred to is important data related to banking transactions, such as ATM PIN, ATM card number and account number.

The way Mas PENING carries out his actions can be of various kinds, because Mas PENING is very creative but in a wrong way. In general, this is what Mas PENING does:

1. Contacting you very often

Because of the frequent contact with you, Mas PENING can be categorized as an overthinking person. Mas PENING thinks about you all the time. It feels like something is missing if Mas PENING doesn’t contact you. The goal isn't to find out how you're doing or to make sure you're healthy, but to get the important information they need.

2. Having a lot of cellphones or cellphone numbers

Mas PENING wants to contact you all the time, but doesn't want to be found out that they are actually the same person because their goal is to commit financial crimes. To disguise themselves, Mas PENING has a lot of cellphones or cellphone numbers.

3. Glancing a lot when queuing at the ATM

You must always be aware of the circumstances around you, especially when you are queuing at the ATM. When it's your turn to withdraw cash or make a transfer via ATM, watch out for Mas PENING's pair of eyes ready to look at the ATM card information and PIN you entered. Mas PENING may also come with a friend or two.

4. Sending links

One more thing, Mas PENING also likes to send messages along with links for you to click. The message is actually interesting, Jagoans. For example, you win cashback or get a reward. In order to enjoy the cashback or reward, you need to click on the link that asks for confidential information as stated above. In fact, they just want to get your data only.

Take Notes of Jago's Official Contacts

One important thing that all Jagoans need to remember, Jago never asks for your data, let alone your assets. If you meet Mas PENING who claims to be from the Jago call center or represents Bank Jago, you can report it to Jago's official channels, which are 1500-746 and +622130000746 for the hotline and 0819-247-7490 for WhatsApp. Jago will only contact Jagoan through these official numbers.

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