All Jagoans, Stay Vigilant: Get to Know 4 Signs of a Scam Call

13 May 2022

Stay Vigilant, Get to Know 4 Signs of a Scam Call

Jagoans, what do you do when you get a phone call? Do you pick up the phone or ignore the call? Usually we pick it up, because maybe there is something important. But when you pick it up, the caller claims to be from the bank's call center. There must be something important then. Hold on, don’t believe it right away. It could be a scam call. How do you know if someone is trying to scam you over a phone call?

4 Signs of a Scam Call

1. It’s an unknown number but the caller asks for personal data

This first sign is definitely a 100% scam call. Just hang up if you receive a call like this. What is meant by personal data? Your debit card’s CVV, OTP code, PIN or password. Personal data are confidential and only you should have all the information. People you know don't need to know, let alone people you don't know.

2. The caller promises a prize but only after you click on a link

Getting gifts is nice. But, who gives you the gift? If you get a digital gift from Jago’s Giveaway Pocket, you can collect it immediately.

However, if you receive a call and the caller promises you a prize on the condition that you click on the link they sent, you should be on full alert. The link can steal your information or data. The data that have been stolen can be used by the fraudster to commit crimes that will only harm you.

3. The caller refuses to call you back and doesn’t want to wait

Another sign of a scam call is that the caller doesn't want to call back nor do they want to wait. We may not remember all our personal data and it may take some time to get the required data.

When you tell the caller that you need to find the data first, but the caller insists on getting a response or confirmation right away, this is a sign that they are trying to scam you.

4. The caller is mumbling and the voice is not clear

Finally, a sure sign that you receive a scam call is that the caller is mumbling and their voice is not clear.

Once you hear the caller talking like that, you don't need to ask what the caller means to try to understand what they are saying. Just end the call immediately because it's clear that it is a scam call.

Jago’s Official Numbers

So Jagoans, hopefully you never receive a fraudulent call. But if someone calls you with the signs above, you already know what to do. Just hang up the phone. If the caller claims to be from the Jago call center or represents Bank Jago, you can report it to the official Jago channels.

Jago's official numbers are 1500-746 and +622130000746 for the hotline and 0819-247-7490 for WhatsApp. Jago will only call or contact Jagoans through these official numbers. So, always stay alert.

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