More and More Cases of Fraudulent Selling and Buying of Bank Accounts: Here’s How to Safely Avoid Them

2 July 2021

Cases of Selling and Buying Bank Accounts are Rampant: Don’t Get Entangled, Here are the Tips!

Fraud cases are still rampant in Indonesia, and the types are increasingly diverse. One type of fraud that has become increasingly popular in recent times is buying and selling bank accounts online.

Well, Jagoan, as you know, the act of buying and selling accounts is an illegal act that can harm bank customers, both sellers and buyers.

What Happens When Cases of Buying and Selling Bank Accounts are Found?

Since buying and selling bank accounts is a violation of the law, this activity is categorized as a criminal act.

For sellers of bank accounts

The seller or the owner of the account will be fully responsible for criminal acts that arise from buying and selling account transactions.

When a bank account is sold, the buyer of the account can misuse or steal the data of the seller or the account holder. It is certainly not something you want to happen right, Jagoan?

The misused account will be blocked or even closed so that the account holder can no longer open an account or enjoy various facilities provided by the bank.

For buyers of bank accounts

The bank will immediately block the account that has been purchased so that it cannot be used again by the buyer. Thus, the buyer of the account will suffer material losses. Funds that have been issued to purchase an account cannot be returned. That’s a shame, right?

Opening a Bank Account via the Jago Application: Easy and Secure

It is always best to never be involved in any illegal acts. Wouldn’t it be awesome to open your own Jago account?

Opening an account with Jago is easy and secure. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Jago app for free via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Just make sure the application is downloaded on your personal cell phone to be safe.
  • You can create an account right after the application is downloaded, without the need to come to a Jago branch office. Data verification will be carried out online by the Jago team.
  • The OTP code you receive when you create an account and the PIN you set to open the application are confidential. Psssttt, so don’t spread them to other people so they are not misused.

What are the benefits that you can enjoy when you have a Jago account? There are plenty, Jagoan. You can manage your finances through the “Pocket” feature, prioritize spending through the “Spending Pocket” feature, plan for the future through the “Plan Ahead” feature, create long-term savings through the “Locked Pocket” and much more.

Use the Jago app now to enjoy its benefits.

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