4 Ways to Save on Transportation Costs to Reduce Expenses

21 March 2022

4 Ways to Save on Transportation Costs to Reduce Expenses 4 Ways to Save on Transportation Costs to Reduce Expenses

Jagoans, if you want to reduce expenses, one way is to save on transportation costs. You can use the money you save to build an emergency fund or use it for other purposes. Very nice, right? Continue reading this article to find out how to save on transportation costs.

Save on Transportation Costs With These 4 Ways

1. Walk or bike

If the office where you work is not too far from home, you can choose to walk or bike instead of riding a motorcycle or driving a car. You can do it alternately. For example, you walk in week 1, then bike in week 2, and so on.

By walking or biking, you don’t have to pay for gasoline. You also don't need to spend money on maintenance costs.

The benefits of walking or biking don't stop there. In addition to strengthening your bank account, you also strengthen your heart and muscles, especially your leg muscles.

2. Use public transportation

Each city may have different means of public transportation. You can find out more yourself. Not only to the office, you can also use public transportation when going to the mall, to the market and other public places.

Just like way #1, you can save on expenses because you don't need to buy gasoline and do maintenance on your personal vehicle. In addition, when you go to public places, you also don't need to spend money on parking. That's great right? Especially if you often travel to public places, for example every weekend.

3. Carpool

Carpooling or car sharing is not only cost-effective but also fun. When you and a number of close friends are invited to an event, instead of driving your own car, it's better to use only 1 vehicle. While on the road, you can chat and enjoy quality time.

Another example is driving children to school. If by any chance your child and the children of several neighbors go to the same school, you can take turns driving them to school.

4. Find a cheaper parking space

From the parking fee, you can save a lot, Jagoans. Especially if you will stay at your destination for a few hours.

So, before setting off, you can first find out if there are places in the vicinity that offer cheaper parking rates. If you find a cheaper parking space but it's a few minutes away from the destination, that's okay, Jagoans.

As Jago said above, walking is healthy, and the best thing is, you don't have to spend quite a large amount of money just to pay for parking.

Separate Transportation Budget in the Jago Application

Because transportation is one of the important factors that support your daily activities, it would be nice if you separate the transportation budget so it doesn't mix with the budget for other needs.

You can use the Jago application to separate various needs by creating Pockets. 1 Pocket for 1 need. In addition to avoiding budget mix-ups, it will also be easier for you when you want to monitor expenses.

If you’re just about to start saving on transportation costs, you can use your current transportation budget first. Then, after starting to reduce transportation costs by applying the above ways, you can compare expenses over time.

After observing how much you have saved, you can adjust your transportation budget. It's nice to see that the transportation budget doesn't need to be as huge as before. Right, Jagoans?

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