Let's Fulfill Zakat Obligations With Other Jagoans, Here’s How

15 August 2022

One Step Better at Fulfilling Zakat Obligations With the Shared Pocket One Step Better at Fulfilling Zakat Obligations With the Shared Pocket

According to the pillars of Islam, every muslim who meets the requirements has an obligation to pay zakat. Referring to the MUI Fatwa, muslims who are obliged to fulfill zakat on earnings obligations are those who have fixed or unfixed income and their total income in a year has reached the nishab of zakat income, which is 85 grams of gold per year.

The amount of zakat that needs to be paid according to the MUI Fatwa is 2.5% of the total income per month. However, if your income is not fixed in a month, you can also calculate your zakat per year, amounting to 2.5% of your total income per year.

With regards to fulfilling zakat obligations, you can invite other Jagoans to do good by sharing with others in need. Not everyone is aware of fulfilling their zakat obligations on a regular basis.

By inviting other people to fufill their zakat obligations, you are also actualizing the enormous potential of zakat. The more people who donate a certain portion of their wealth, the more people who belong to the zakat recipients can be helped and improve their quality of life.

Zakat Collection Becomes Practical in a Shared Pocket

Some Jagoans who may think that collecting zakat will be less practical if done with other Jagoans. Don't worry, you can use the Shared Pocket.

The Shared Pocket feature in the Jago Syariah application allows you to collaborate financially, including zakat collection, with the people of your choice, whether it's family, friends or co-workers.

If there are friends who have not set aside some of their money for zakat, for example, they will receive a reminder notification from Jago Syariah. So, it's not you anymore who reminds them. In this case, you no longer have to feel reluctant from having to remind your friends.

You can also define the role of each member of the Shared Pocket. If it is easier when only 1 person manages and distributes zakat, then you can set that person's role as a spender, while other members only act as viewers.

Because each member has at least a role as a viewer, transparency is maintained when using the Shared Pocket. Every transaction history, both incoming and outgoing, can be accessed by every member of the Pocket.

The Shared Pocket also has its own Pocket number, which functions as an account number. So, you don't need to share your Jago Main Pocket number if you are the zakat organizer in the group. Each member just needs to move money to the Shared Pocket.

Very practical, right? Let’s encourage each other to fulfill the zakat obligations.

With Jago Syariah, all your Jago Pockets, including the Shared Pockets, have used the Wadi'ah principle which is based on the Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah akad. This akad is used for savings products and has the nature of a deposit.

So when you save at Bank Jago Syariah, you entrust your money to the bank. Bank Jago Syariah will manage money in accordance with sharia principles. Because the Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah akad is a deposit, the bank does not promise any rewards. However, you can withdraw your money at any time. Managing money and fulfilling zakat obligations are more blessed with Jago Syariah.

The Jago Syariah application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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