No More Visits to the Bank to Print Your Passbook: A Practical Solution from Jago

18 August 2021

Is It a Hassle to Print a Passbook? Try This Practical Solution

A savings account at a bank usually comes hand in hand with a passbook or bank book. Since a passbook records all transactions, you may find yourself visiting the bank to print them.

A passbook also has several other uses. For travel aficionados, a number of countries in Europe and America require a copy of your passbook with transactions in the last few weeks or months to apply for visas.

Often, you will be asked to provide a print out of your passbook when you apply for a loan or credit. From the transaction history printed in the passbook, lenders can assess your financial health. It will be easier for you to get a loan or credit if you are financially healthy.

For those reasons, passbooks are important to be printed and updated. However, most people find it cumbersome to go to the bank just to print transactions into their passbook. Not to mention that when you get to the bank, there is a pretty long queue. Especially nowadays with the COVID-19 pandemic, staying safe at home is highly enforced.

A Practical Solution for Passbook, in the Jago Application

Convenience and practicality are two of the many benefits that you can enjoy when using the Jago application, an innovative and life-centric financial solution.

When you have a Jago account, you can simply eliminate visits to the bank to print a passbook or fulfill other transaction needs.

When you want to monitor money that comes in and goes out every month, you can download the monthly e-Statement. All transactions are neatly recorded, down to the details. When talking about passbooks, some passbooks only print the amount of money without any information attached to it.

If you don’t want to download the e-Statement, that’s okay too. You can view it in the Jago application on your cell phone. The e-Statements that Jago has compiled are detailed and clear, making it easier for anyone to see and check.

The nice thing is that you can download e-Statement per Pocket or e-Statements of all Pockets.

It’s super easy to download e-Statement per Pocket:

  1. Choose a Pocket
    print passbook - download rekening koran 1
  2. Click the three dots at the top right
    print passbook - download rekening koran 2
  3. Choose download transaction history
    print passbook - download rekening koran 3

If you want to download e-Statements of all Pockets, here are the steps:

  1. Select the Pockets menu at the bottom of the screen
    print passbook - download rekening koran 1
  2. Click the three dots at the top right
    print passbook - download rekening koran 1
  3. Choose see my e-Statements and the period
    print passbook - download rekening koran 3A

Jago’s detailed and clear e-Statements enable you to easily analyze expenses. Analyzing spending or expenses is important to find out how you have been spending your money and whether there are habits that need to change to reduce emotional spending. Hopefully, you can spend money on other important things such as emergency funds and retirement savings.

What are you waiting for? Download the Jago application now for the convenience and practicality of online transactions as well as becoming a Jagoan at managing money.

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