How to Manage Personal Finances: Inspiration from Sports

19 January 2022

How to Manage Personal Finances: Inspiration from Sports

Jagoans, who inspires you in managing your personal finances? It's not just people, there are many things that can be a source of inspiration, such as movies, music and sports. In this article, Jago wants to discuss how to manage personal finances, with inspiration from sports

Jagoans who like sports can definitely relate while reading this article . What if you don’t like sports? No worries, you can also read the article, to become more jago at managing personal finances.

Sports and Managing Personal Finances

1. The importance of setting goals

For heroes who like to work out, whether it's running, lifting weights, playing football or something else, why do you do it? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to build muscle? There must be a goal that you want to achieve by working out. Because without a clear goal, everything you do will be in vain.

The same applies to managing personal finances. You need to set the financial goals you want to achieve, so that the money is not used up just for fun. With clear financial goals, you will be enthusiastic and motivated to continue saving until the goal is achieved.

2. Can't expect instant results

If you exercise because you want to lose weight, for example, will you lose weight in a day or two? Of course not, Jagoans. It takes a few weeks or even months for weight loss, of course if you do it consistently and balance it with a better diet.

Likewise when managing personal finances. Instant results are not possible, Jagoans. Take for example when you save to buy a house. It will take quite some time to grow your savings because buying a house is a big financial goal. But, as long as you save consistently every day or every month, of course you will be able to achieve your goal.

3. Monitor progress regularly and reflect

After doing weight lifting for some time, you feel that your muscle stays the same. When there is no big progress, you need to reflect. Have you been doing it incorrectly? How about your diet, have you eaten more foods that can help build muscle?

Likewise when you manage personal finances. You have set a savings target. But, why after some time, you are still far from the target when it should have been achieved halfway?

Have you consistently set aside money for savings every month? Or do you often give in to the temptation to spend money, so instead of saving, you keep buying things online? By reflecting, you can fix what’s not done right, so that personal financial management becomes better over time.

Become More Jago at Managing Personal Finances with Jago

It's time to start managing personal finances, Jagoans. For those who have done it, with Jago you will be more jago at managing finances.

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So that everything goes according to plan, for example so that bills are always paid on time and savings are always filled every month, you can use the Plan Ahead feature. To find out where your money goes, there is the Spend Analysis feature.

There are many other features for you to take advantage of, such as the Shared Pocket for financial collaboration and the Jago Visa Debit Card.

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