3 Ways to Make Finances Simple and Easy to Manage

25 July 2022

3 Ways to Make Finances Simple and Easy to Manage

“Managing finances feels complicated, I’m too lazy to do it. I don't have to manage my money." Who among Jagoans think the same? Managing finances is very important. How do you know you're not spending more than you make? How do you make sure all your monthly bills have been paid? By managing finances. Managing finances is not as complicated as imagined if you know what to do. In fact, managing finances can feel so simple and easy.

Managing Finances is Simple & Easy With These 3 Ways

1. Automate everything

It would be great if everything can run by itself. You can forget about the hassle of entering an account number and the amount to be paid each time you want to transfer. Especially if there are many recurring transfers every month.

You can make everything run automatically, from paying monthly bills to putting money into savings. Transfer to parents can also be set to be automatic. You parents will never scold you again because you forget to transfer money.

With Jago, you can plan and schedule various kinds of your recurring transactions with the Plan Ahead feature. To save money automatically, you can use the Autosave feature. Jago will be the one to transfer to wherever you want the money goes.

2. Say goodbye to paper

Managing finances will become a lot simpler once you start parting with paper. Why spend time stopping by a bank branch to print a passbook when you can view and store transaction history in the form of an e-Statement directly on your cellphone?

It's not just about the passbook. When you make cashless transactions, you will be free from the hassle of recording your expenses. Keeping track of expenses is very important so you know clearly where the money is going.

If you have made non-cash transactions through Jago for online shopping, paying this and that and fulfill various other needs, Jago will record all of them. Why did my balance in the Main Pocket decrease? Just click on the Pocket, you will see the transactions you made along with the details right away.

3. Digital budgeting

Imagine if budgeting is done manually. It can give you a headache for sure. If you only spend money once in a while, it's fine. However, if you have a lot of needs and expenses, you might become frustrated.

Those of you who feel that way can switch to digital budgeting right now. But is it possible if there are a lot of needs? Yes, if you use the Jago Pocket.

For saving for various goals, you can separate them into several Saving Pockets. It’s the same with spending. You can create multiple Spending Pockets. Transferring money to a Pocket is as easy as choosing the Pocket that is the main source of funds and typing the amount of money you want to transfer.

All incoming and outgoing transactions are recorded, as explained in point number 2. Even better, Jago is also equipped with the Spend Analysis feature. Want to compare the total money spent on e-Wallet top-ups between this month and last month? The data are immediately visible, i.e. whether it goes up or down and the percentage.

How simple and easy it is to manage finances if you apply the three ways above. Don't have Jago yet? Download the Jago application here.

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