What are the Benefits of Donating to Charity in Terms of Personal Money Management?

5 April 2022

What are the Benefits of Donating to Charity in Terms of Personal Money Management?

Donating to charity has many positive effects. Every Jagoan would agree. You feel happy when you can help those in need. Life becomes more meaningful because you contribute to society. By giving to charity, you can also inspire those closest to you to do the same. And it turns out, there are also benefits of donating to charity in terms of personal money management.

Benefits of Donating to Charity in Terms of Personal Money Management

1. Better budgeting mindset

When you spend money with full awareness of its purpose, you will feel happiness. Meanwhile, if you use money to satisfy wants, the feeling you get is not happiness, but rather pleasure. And, the pleasure quickly fades away.

Happiness affects the budgeting mindset. You become more enthusiastic in budgeting better because you know the good purpose behind it.

2. Unnecessary spending is reduced

When some of the money is diverted to charity, you automatically reduce unnecessary spending. For example, the money to buy shoes ends up in charity. Buying shoes is actually not necessary because you already have a lot of shoes.

3. Increased attention to personal money management

When you intend to donate to charity, of course you will make sure that the intention really comes true, right?

You will be more attentive to your personal money management. This is done to ensure that you don't forget to give to charity according to the schedule you have chosen.

Not only charitable needs, you will also pay attention to expenses for other needs and your overall personal finances. At first you may not notice this, but over time it will become a habit. Good habit.

Easy and Practical Money Management in the Jago Application

To be able to consistently donate to charity, you need an application that can help you manage finances easily and practically. There is the Jago application to manage needs and budget.

You can create a separate Spending Pocket so that money for charity is not mixed with money for various other needs. It will also be easier when it comes to budgeting if you change the name of the Pocket to Charity Pocket or any other name you like.

You can enjoy another practicality after using the Plan Ahead feature, especially if you donate to the same place every time. This feature allows you to schedule recurring transactions and automatic transfers to the destination account.

Don't have the Jago application yet? You can download the Jago application here.

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