Healthy Finances Help You Live Life to the Fullest: Let’s Consistently Take Fintamin B by Jago

13 September 2021

Fintamin B: Consistently Take It for Healthy Finances Fintamin B: Consistently Take It for Healthy Finances

It is not only the body that needs vitamins. Your finances also need vitamins to be healthy. If you take special vitamins diligently, your finances can become healthier over time. Jago has formulated a number of financial vitamins known as Fintamin for you and anyone who wants to be financially healthy.

Fintamin A, the foundation for achieving financial health, which helps clear your vision of your true financial condition, has already been discussed by Jago.

In this article, Jago loves to discuss the next Fintamin, namely Fintamin B. Taking Fintamin B consistently can reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. How come? Let’s find out, Jagoans.

Achieve Healthy Finances with Consistent Intake of Fintamin B: Budgeting to Prepare Better

Budgeting plays a very important role in everyday life, not only for today and tomorrow, but also for the future.

Budgeting helps ensure you always have enough money for all your major needs, such as food, paying monthly bills, transportation and education.

Not only spending needs, budgeting also helps you in planning your saving needs, such as daily savings, savings for emergencies and retirement savings.

Without budgeting, expenses or spending can very easily become out of control. If spending is out of control, you may not have enough money to save or even to live your daily life. You may end up being anxious, stressed and even in debt.

In addition to controlling expenses, budgeting can really help you to stay on track with your financial goals. Setting goals and achieving goals are two different things, Jagoans.

Anyone can set goals. But, in order to achieve your goals, you need to have a plan and you must always stick to that plan. Budgeting is part of the plan. By referring to the budget that you have set from the start, you will not use money carelessly.

In the long run, if you become Jago at controlling your expenses, always have money for emergencies and have secured your future by having a retirement fund, you can enjoy healthy finances.

Furthermore, you can enjoy your financial journey, accompanied by accomplished financial goals. As Phillip Mulyana, a member of the MultiFintamin team, says, starting small is totally fine. What’s important is that you take the step to start. All of this is a journey.

Plan Ahead, Set Budget and Manage Finances Practically with Jago

Since Fintamin B is all about budgeting, you are encouraged to take it once a month at the beginning of the month.

For easy and hassle-free budgeting, you can do it in the Jago application. Once your Jago account is created, you can start creating Pockets for every need, both expenses and savings.

Depending on the type of Pocket, you can set a saving target or specify the amount of money to be spent. For example, for Investment Pocket, you can set a target to invest 5% of your monthly income. Then, for Snacking Pocket, you can set to spend only Rp 1 million per month.

So you don’t forget to pay your monthly bills, which are your regular expenses, in the Jago application you can make use of the ‘Plan Ahead’ feature. Jago will automatically pay all your monthly bills. Your money is then safe to be used for other needs because all bills have been paid.

Apart from Fintamin A and Fintamin B, there are several other types of Fintamin that can help you become financially healthy and mature. Keep coming back to Jago’s blog so you don’t miss out when the next Fintamin is discussed.

There will also be a roundtable discussion between Annisa Steviani, Samuel Ray, Ferdie Darmawan, Phillip Mulyana and Dani Rachmat, 5 financial Jagoans who are members of the MultiFintamin squad, who will share their knowledge and skills in managing finances.

Have you used the Jago application yet for Fintamin consumption? If you haven’t, you can download the Jago application here.

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