Have You Used the Arisan Pocket for Your Arisan?

22 April 2022

Have You Used the Arisan Pocket for Your Arisan?

Who among Jagoans likes to have arisan with family or friends? Have you used the Arisan Pocket yet? Let’s get to know the Arisan Pocket.

The Arisan Pocket for Practical Arisan

Arisan is super fun. In addition to waiting for the time to raffle, it is a moment to gather and spend some free time together. When it comes to arisan, how do you decide who wins?

If you have used the Arisan Pocket in the Jago application, raffle the winner becomes easy and practical. You only need to specify the amount of money to be raffled and the number of winners in one raffle at the beginning. 

After that, the Arisan Pocket will raffle automatically. The lucky winners in the raffle will right away in their respective Jago Pockets.

Once done, you don't have to take notes about who wins this time, the money won and the arisan date. Jago will do the work for you.

Oh, and there is one more practical feature that will really help to support your arisan to run smoothly. You can collect the arisan money by taking advantage of theRequest Money feature, which is an option in the Arisan Pocket.

Collecting money from members who sometimes forget to pay feels so easy because Jago will do it for you. The feature also allows for easier and more practical money collection.

How to Create An Arisan Pocket

Considering that arisan involves a number of people, it can be categorized as financial collaboration. Therefore, the Arisan Pocket is part of the Shared Pocket. Shared Pockets can be used for many things, such as saving and managing expenses with the people of your choice.

However, if the Shared Pocket has been added with the raffle booster, it can only be used for arisan only.

The difference between the Arisan Pocket and the Shared Pocket also lies in the role of each member. If in the Shared Pocket each member can be assigned a 'can spend' role, then in the Arisan Pocket each member can only ‘view’. Only the Arisan Pocket Owner has access to and full responsibility for the management of the Pocket and its members.

To be able to have an Arisan Pocket, you first need to create a Pocket. After the Pocket is created, you need to change the Pocket into a Shared Pocket with the following simple steps:

  1. On the Pocket page, choose the Pocket you want to share with others.
  2. On your Shared Pocket Details page, tap the Invite button on the top of the screen.
  3. Choose members to invite from your Jago Contact or your Phonebook.
  4. Select a role for the invitee.
  5. Tap Send Invitation and you are done.

After the Pocket has changed its function to a Shared Pocket, here's how to make it into an Arisan Pocket:

  1. On your Shared Pocket Details page, tap the Add Boosters button.
  2. Under the Group Activity tab, choose the Raffle add-on.
  3. Your Shared Pocket is now an Arisan Pocket.

Let’s use the Arisan Pocket for your arisan right away. The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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