The Story of Jagoan Rahel Humillang on How She’s Able to Save for Her Child’s Education and Manage Money Better

16 November 2022

The Story of Jagoan Rahel Humillang on How She’s Able to Save for Her Child’s Education and Manage Money Better The Story of Jagoan Rahel Humillang on How She’s Able to Save for Her Child’s Education and Manage Money Better

Saving for child’s education that was previously difficult has become easy. Money can also be managed better now. Both can be experienced by Rahel Humillang after she has consistently used the Jago Pockets. How so?

Jago at Saving for Her Child's Education and Managing Money Using Pockets

Rahel Humillang Tampubolon, or simply Rahel for short, admitted that she used to always postponed saving for her child’s education.

“In the past, every time I wanted to save money for tuition fees, I just ignored it because my child was still small. Some other times, I preferred to use the money for a vacation. In the end, I never saved money to build my child’s education funds. Then, all of a sudden, my child is about to get into elementary school,” said Rahel.

And, the fact that today's school fees are expensive and need to be prepared for the long term. Not only elementary education, but also junior high school, high school and continue to university later. "As parents, of course, we want our children to have a good education."

Rahel also felt overwhelmed because she had to find the right school and prepare education funds for her child. Fortunately, Rahel who works as an employee in a private sector was invited to join the community of writers. Over time, they invited her for an arisan using the Jago application.

“It turned out that after I explored further, Jago could be used not only for arisan in a practical and transparent manner. I can create a Pocket to manage a need. You can actually create a lot of up to 40 Pockets. We are free to adjust the number of Pockets to our needs and later move money to each Pocket.”

Rahel also continued to share her experiences and a number of conveniences that she got after starting to use Jago to manage her household and personal finances.

“Without hesitation, I create the Education Pocket right away. I also have a Pocket for daily needs. The Vacation Pocket is certainly there for healing.”

Thanks to the Pockets, Rahel added, the funds are no longer mixed with each other. “The money is safe and only used for the intended needs. So, definitely not spent on other needs. Financial management with the Pockets in the Jago application is indeed a winner!”

In addition, Rahel also felt how practical it is to have many Pockets in one application. Because, Pockets can replace many bank accounts that she previously had here and there. And, she doesn’t have to pay monthly admin fees for all the Pockets.

Digital Ecosystem as Support System

In addition to the Pockets that can be used to manage various needs and allocate funds (budgeting), Rahel feels helped by the digital ecosystem created by Jago's collaboration with a number of partners such as GoPay and Bibit.

“For transportation needs, I created another Pocket and I linked it with GoPay. So I don't have to top up my GoPay anymore. This is very important in my opinion.”

Once her child enters elementary school, Rahel also plans to earn additional income from investing. "I've just imagined it, next time I want to try to create a pocket for investment."

Jagoans, want to be like Rahel who is on her way to realizing her financial goals and can be disciplined in managing money?

Together we can be jago like Rahel. Let's start using the Pockets and try other Jago features. The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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