The Story of Jagoan Indra Agus Rahman on How He Controls Himself from Living a Consumptive Lifestyle

29 July 2022

The Story of Jagoan Indra Agus Rahman on How He Controls Himself from Living a Consumptive Lifestyle The Story of Jagoan Indra Agus Rahman on How He Controls Himself from Living a Consumptive Lifestyle

Not long after payday, usually most of the money has been used up. That’s what happened to Indra Agus Rahman before he met Jago. Many of you Jagoans may also relate to the experience. But since using the Jago Pocket, Indra has become one step better at self-control.

One Step Better at Self-Control With the Jago Pocket

Indra Agus Rahman, who serves as Head of Marketing at an Over The Top company FlipFlop TV, realized that the biggest challenge for him in managing finances was self-control.

As soon as he received his salary, he used most of his money to buy a lot of stuff. Then, he realized that 70% of his income disappeared in an instant. “I really like furniture, especially wooden ones. I can go crazy if when I see stuff made of wood. I don’t think twice, just buy it. Not to mention buying knick-knacks for cars and taking yoga classes because I happen to like to fill my spare time with yoga,” said Indra.

Indra realized that this problem could not continue in the future. “Because of the lack of self-control, the money was used up for shopping. In fact, I always wanted to have an emergency savings. Because it's really important when there's something urgent to deal with. If you don't have savings, it will be terrible. But sadly, there was no money to save.”

While looking for a solution, Indra confided in several of his friends about the financial management problems he always experienced every month. This was when Indra got to know Jago, an application that allows users to manage their finances digitally. Indra was interested in trying.

“From the start, I liked Jago. When you create an account, it's very practical and fast, you just need to use your smartphone, you don't need to stop by the branch. I also like using Jago because the transfer fees between banks are free. In a month I often transfer to other bank accounts, and transfer fees are quite a lot of money. But, using Jago is good, there are no transfer fees,” said Indra.

After completing the Jago account registration, Indra immediately tried the features in the Jago application. “My favorite feature is the Jago Pocket. Separating expenses is now very easy. All you have to do is create a Spending Pocket or a Saving Pocket. Until now I already have 10 Jago Pockets. Depending on the need, maybe I will create more Pockets in the future.”

For Indra, budgeting is best done once the salary is received. “Now because of Jago, I can allocate the budget right away. As soon as I get paid, I transfer money to each Pocket from the Main Pocket. Having lots of Pockets to separate your needs really helps. My self-control, which used to be very low at level 1, has now risen to level 4. The important thing is to be disciplined to stick to the budget.”

Furthermore, since using Jago Indra is happy because now he has sufficient emergency fund. Although there are dreams that have not been achieved, Indra is sure that one day those dreams will be achieved.

“It's impossible for a dream to come true in an instant. But now I can set aside money to put it in the Saving Pockets for my dreams. So, one day I will definitely be able to achieve them, as long as I consistently save and don't spend all the money I have. Thanks to Jago, I'm better at managing money now.”

Jagoans, do you want to be like Indra who is already one step better at self-control? Let's start using the Jago Pocket to manage finances. The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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