The Story of Jagoan Ermina Vina on How She Got to Know a Hassle-free Arisan Done Virtually

9 September 2022

The Story of Jagoan Ermina Vina on How She Got to Know a Hassle-free Arisan Done Virtually The Story of Jagoan Ermina Vina on How She Got to Know a Hassle-free Arisan Done Virtually

Who among Jagoans has never heard of arisan? Many of you may already have your own arisan group. Even though getting together with friends is a moment to look forward to, arisan is not without challenges, such as collecting arisan money and taking notes.

Ermina Vina, who is often called Vina, also experienced the same thing. Vina just recently found out about an arisan done virtually. “I only found out after being invited by a friend from one community. In my opinion, this kind of arisan is more practical because it saves time,” said Vina. Apparently, an arisan done virtually makes all the fuss disappear and not just because it saves time.

Arisan Done Virtually with Her Group, Hassle-free

Before joining an arisan group holding a virtual arisan, Vina acknowledged that there were challenges. What she commonly experienced was that she often forgot to send proof of arisan money transfer because she was busy. Once she made a transfer, she should’ve sent the transfer receipt to 2 people, namely the head and treasurer of the arisan.

“Sometimes I forgot to inform those two people about the transfer. And, they would ask me to transfer again because they thought I hadn't paid," Vina explained.

However, now Vina no longer needs to send proof of arisan money transfer since joining the Arisan Pocket with her arisan group. “Each member of the Arisan Pocket can see how much money is going in and out. When to pay and who has not paid can also be seen in the Jago application."

Furthermore, Vina thinks that a reminder notification from Jago is very helpful. “The Arisan pocket is very practical, there is an automatic reminder if you haven't paid. Then, the arisan money transfer can also be checked together. I will feel bad if I pay late, and I will be more disciplined too.”

The awesome thing is, the Arisan Pocket also allows arisan raffle to be done virtually. To make it more exciting, Vina and the arisan group broadcast the raffle via a video call. The arisan raffle also runs automatically. The arisan winner will receive a notification to claim the arisan money.

“You can immediately claim the arisan money if your name comes out as a winner. Once claimed, the money will go to your Jago's Main Pocket and can be used right away," explained Vina.

In addition to the convenience of holding a virtual arisan through the Arisan Pocket, Vina feels happy using the Jago application because she now can manage her finances better and also saves on expenses.

"I've linked my Jago account to Gojek, so it's more practical. No more top-ups and no top-up fees. And, if you want to transfer to another bank, it is also free of charge. I also have several Saving Pockets that I fill every month with money for some goals in the future. Hopefully I can achieve them soon."

Jagoans, want to be like Vina who can enjoy arisan virtually with her arisan group without any hassle? Try the Arisan Pocket in the Jago application now.

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