The Story of Jagoan Dody Priambodo on How He Enjoys the Ease of Financial Management

7 October 2022

The Story of Jagoan Dody Priambodo on How He Enjoys the Ease of Financial Management The Story of Jagoan Dody Priambodo on How He Enjoys the Ease of Financial Management

From the ease of financial planning to successfully managing expenses, all can be enjoyed by Dody Priambodo after he started using the Jago application. Let's read what has happened.

Jago at Financial Planning and Managing Expenses With Pocket

Dody Priambodo, who works as an employee in a business consulting company, admits that in the past he was often unable to control his expenses.

“Before, my expenses were not managed well because there was so much that I wanted. Especially when it came to traveling and buying the latest gadgets. Every time there was a new gadget, I wanted it, it had to be mine. So, I always spent most of my money,” said Dody when reminiscing about his past.

After some time, Dody felt that it was not right if he always spent most of his money. It couldn’t go on like that. "I needed a solution, a 'friend' who could help me plan my finances better while managing my expenses."

Dody then looked for the solution he needed and found the Jago application. Dody was interested in trying Jago because the financial management application is owned by Bank Jago, a digital bank in Indonesia.

“I prefer transactions that are all digital and cashless. Why? For me, it is very important to have a reliable banking application.” As a very busy urbanite, Dody often can only find time to make transactions at night.

“From my experience using Jago, transactions after 10 pm can be done without any problems at all. And, everything is really fast, just click, click, click, it's done in seconds,” said Dody when sharing his experience.

Dody further explored the features available in the Jago application and immediately fell in love with the Pocket feature for making financial plans and managing expenses.

“I think the Jago Pocket feature is smart and a solution. With the Jago Pocket, I can practically allocate funds for various needs. So, the funds are not mixed up anymore. Financial planning goes according to the budgeting that has been done for each need. The Jago Pocket also helps me control my spending. Now, money is not only spent on traveling and buying gadgets. I can manage money better.”

Since using Jago, Dody has also managed to save regularly and no longer needs to feel financial anxiety. “I also like the Autosave feature in the Saving Pocket. Saving runs automatically. It's really cool, you don't have to spend time putting money into savings."

Jagoans, want to enjoy the ease of financial planning and successfully control expenses? Together we can be jago like Dody. Start using Jago and its features. The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don't have it yet.

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