There are Various Deceptive Ways to Get Rich Quick: Don’t be Tempted and Trapped!

7 September 2021

Various Deceptive Ways to Get Rich Quick: Don’t be Tempted and Trapped

Most people, maybe including Jagoans, want to get rich. But unfortunately, those who crave to be rich quickly want to take shortcuts so they can have lots of money instantly. Seeing a situation like this, fraudsters take advantage by offering various ways to get rich quick. In addition to bogus investment opportunities, let’s find out other ways that fraudsters do to lure their victims. As a Jagoan, you can think carefully before saying yes.

Avoid False Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Below

1. Instant wealth showcased on social media

If you are active on social media, you will often meet users or influencers who show off their easily obtained wealth.

Before leaving everything you have built so far and follow what they do, you can think about the following three things:

  • Behind the showcased wealth, there is often a loss that is not mentioned
  • It could be that their capital is already very large from the start
  • They may overestimate their success. As a follower, you cannot know for sure.

2. Placing bets

The next shortcut to get rich quick is to place bets in the form of forex trading. Actually, by trading forex, you can earn a lot of profits. However, trading forex may not be as easy as it seems. There are many conditions that need to be fulfilled, such as technical analysis, fundamentals and patience. If you are impatient and easily bored, forex trading may not be your best choice.

If there are people who promise you that trading forex can make you rich quickly with very little capital, as a Jagoan, you certainly have to be vigilant. Without in-depth analysis when trading forex, this is what is called placing bets and it will get you trapped.

3. Fraudsters with the ability to double money

Victims who are obsessed with wanting to be able to have a lot of money without doing anything will try various ways without even thinking. Even though it’s strange, it turns out that there are many who are like that.

There are fraudsters who claim they can multiply money with their magic. These fraudsters will first ask for cash from the victim, so they can double it.

Tempted by this offer, the victim gives a sum of money, which is usually not small, so they get more after the money is being multiplied. It turns out that, after the money was handed over, the fraudsters disappear without a trace.

4. Software that can make money automatically

Technological sophistication can do anything. Claims of software that can give you money automatically start appearing. Usually, fraud syndicates will only ask victims to download and install the software on their laptops. In fact, the software contains a virus that can actually take money secretly.

5. Online job vacancies with fantastic salaries

This amazing offer promises an easy job that can be done from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection, with high pay.

Some examples of jobs that are commonly offered are data entry and copy paste. Just like the others, this type of scam targets those who don’t want to work hard.

If an easy job could provide fantastic pay, no one would want to be a doctor, architect, lawyer or other professions that require hard work.

You Can Start Saving Your Money Consistently in a Locked Pocket to Build Wealth

After getting to know various ways to get rich in an instant, which are actually ridiculous and unreasonable, you won’t be tempted, right?

Getting rich fast may happen in certain cases, such as winning the lottery. But in general, getting rich requires tenacity and hard work done consistently.

While continuing to work hard, you can start saving your hard-earned money consistently and securely in a Locked Pocket, which can be found inside the Jago application. Whatever amount you save (min. Rp 100 thousand), it will pay off in the form of interest up to 4% p.a. A Locked Pocket also helps you not to spend money irresponsibly, with a locking duration of between 14 days to 6 months.

You don’t have to worry about saving in a Locked Pocket because the Jago application is a life-centric financial solution from Bank Jago. Bank Jago is registered and supervised by the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) and is a member of Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS).

Let’s try an exciting way to save money in a Locked Pocket. The Jago application can be downloaded here.

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