How to Budget for Gifts: 4 Simple Ways

23 December 2021

How to Budget for Gifts: 4 Simple Ways How to Budget for Gifts: 4 Simple Ways

Gifts can make their recipients happy. If gifts are an integral part of celebrating an event, then you need to prepare a special budget. Don't let the money for monthly bills be used to buy gifts, Jagoans. It may cause trouble. If you wonder how to budget for gifts, in this article Jago shares 4 simple ways to do it.

4 Simple Ways to Budget for Gifts

1. Make a list of events that need gifts

There are many events that require gifts, such as birthdays, weddings, the birth of a baby, holidays, etc. So that you don't miss something and remember it later, it's a good idea to make a list of events you need to buy gifts for.

For birthdays, you can be more specific, such as noting who you usually give gifts to on their birthdays. For events that don’t take place regularly, such as weddings and the birth of a baby, you can simply add them to the event list just in case.

2. Separate the need to buy gifts

So that it doesn't get mixed up with other needs, it's best if you separate the need to buy gifts. You can use the Jago Pockets in the Jago application. No need to worry if there are many other more priority needs that need to be separated. With Jago, up to 40 needs can be separated into 40 different pockets. You can also name each Pocket according to its function.

3. Set aside money every month

From the list that has been made, you can determine the right budget for gifts. It could be that the budget for birthday gifts is not as big as wedding gifts. But it all depends on you, because everyone has their own preferences.

Then, after the budget is determined, you can start setting aside money every month to the Gift Pocket. So you don't forget, you can take advantage of the Autosave feature. Money will be automatically transferred to the Gift Pocket from the Main Pocket. The amount of money transferred and the transfer time? You decide.

4. Stick to the budget consistently

You can only enjoy the benefits of having a budget when you stick to it consistently, Jagoans. If you have decided that the budget for a newborn baby gift is Rp 200 thousand, then stick to it. Also, you shouldn't be tempted to use a gift budget to buy gifts for yourself.

You can start making a budget for gifts from now on. For those who don't have the Jago application yet, you can download it here.

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