Connect Jago Pocket to Gojek: 5 Main Benefits Await

13 July 2022

GoPay x Jago: 5 Main Benefits for You to Enjoy

Jagoans, have you connected your Jago Pocket to Gojek yet? If you haven’t, you can connect it right away. Now that Jago and Gojek are partners, GoPay x Jago offers you plenty of benefits. Jago will discuss the 5 main benefits in this article.

5 Main Benefits from GoPay x Jago

1. Managing expenses becomes easy and practical

Managing expenses is not an easy thing. There are so many expenses that must be recorded, such as transportation costs, daily food needs and paying monthly bills.

So far, with Gojek, you must have been greatly helped by the various services offered such as GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird for transportation needs, GoFood to fill your stomach and GoTagihan to complete your routine bill payment obligations.

Benefiting from GoPay x Jago, you will be able to manage expenses easily and practically. For transportation with GoRide, GoCar and GoBluebird, for example, you can separate them in one Pocket. Likewise for GoFood and GoTagihan needs.

In the Jago application, you can create up to 20 Spending Pockets for all your expenses. You can connect every Pocket to GoPay to monitor your expenses.

2. Free from top-ups

Tired of top-ups every time you want to use a Gojek service? With a Jago Pocket that is already connected to Gojek, you are free from top-ups forever. Very cool right?

Did you already know, if you automatically top up your balance from Jago to GoPay, there is no charge at all. In other words, it's free. Money spent on top-up fees can now be spent on buying snacks on GoFood.

3. Free monthly admin fees

If having an account at another bank requires a monthly admin fee, with Bank Jago you are free from the obligation to pay admin fees. This admin fee is greater than the top-up fee. The happier you are, you don't have to pay admin fees. There are still additional benefits related to cost. When opening a Jago account, there is no minimum balance requirement at all.

4. Jago account registration can be done via Gojek

Life becomes easier and more fun when you don't have to switch applications. For those of you who don't have a Jago account yet and want to enjoy all the benefits that GoPay x Jago offers, you can register for a Jago account via the Gojek application.

5. You can get cashback

Get ready for cashback, Jagoans! GoPay x Jago will make your day more cheerful and exciting with the presence of cashback. What cashback can you get? Just wait for it and stay tuned. After completing Jago account registration via Gojek, you can start creating and connecting one or more Jago Pockets with Gojek.

Create your Jago account via Gojek now. New registrants who register between 1 until 31 July 2022 can enjoy interest up to 7% p.a.* for the first 3 months. You can find more information here.

*Interest rate can change at any time in accordance with BI interest rates & LPS policy

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