Easily Manage Your Organization’s Finances with Shared Pocket

10 December 2021

Easily Manage Your Organization’s Finances with Shared Pocket

Joining an informal organization is fun. Besides being able to take part in various useful activities, you can also socialize and have many friends. If you are trusted as treasurer in the organization, of course you have more responsibilities. You have to manage the organization's finances.

Then, how do you manage your organization's finances? Do you collect money, record and document the use of money manually?

Actually, there's an easy way to manage your organization's finances. You can forget everything that says “manual”. Just use the Shared Pocket.

Managing Organization’s Finances is Easy and Practical with Shared Pocket

What is the Shared Pocket? The Shared Pocket is one of the features in the Jago application. It makes it possible for anyone who wants to build financial collaboration and manage money together in an easy, practical and fun way.

With the Shared Pocket, you as treasurer can enjoy the following benefits:

1. No need to collect money from each member one by one anymore

Some members of the organization automatically transfer money to you. It's really nice, you don't have to bother collecting money from them.

But, sometimes due to busyness or other things, some members forget to do the transfer. If this is the case, you as treasurer must actively collect money from them. Often, there is a sense of hesitance when it comes to reminding them.

If you use the Shared Pocket, you don't need to do it anymore. You just sit back and watch the money go into the Pocket. Jago will help remind them to transfer money to the Shared Pocket.

2. No need to do manual recording anymore

In order to know who has and has not transferred and how much each member has transferred, you certainly need to keep a record. Otherwise, you may collect money from the same person twice because you forgot to take notes. The person might be offended.

It's also a hassle if every time someone transfers, you have to open a notebook, excel or other tool that you use to take notes. However, if you postpone it, you can forget it later.

Now, using the Shared Pocket, you no longer need to record manually. Every time there is money coming in, it will be recorded automatically by Jago. Who transfers the money and how much. Isn’t it nice?

3. No need to manually document the use of money anymore

Every time there is an activity/need that requires money, documentation of the use of money will be requested. It's really troublesome if every expense has to be recorded. There could be something missing, causing discrepancies in the documentation.

With the Shared Pocket, you can forget about documenting the use of money. Just like recording money in, Jago will also record every expense neatly and in detail. When asked for a report, all you have to do is download the e-Statement.

What do you think, Jagoans? It's going to be easy and practical to use the Shared Pocket to manage your organization's finances, isn’t it? Download the Jago application here.

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