Independence Day Can be the Most Exciting Day of the Year if You Celebrate It with These 4 Fun Ways

12 August 2022

Celebrating Independence Day can be Superb with These 4 Fun Ways

Every 17 August, all Indonesians proudly celebrate Independence Day. So far, how have you celebrated it? Let’s make independence day the most exciting day of the year with these 4 fun ways.

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

1. Savor various Indonesian cuisines

To keep the fun alive all day while celebrating independence day, you can satisfy your stomach by indulging in various Indonesian cuisines. Indonesia is known for its cuisine diversity. Surely you haven’t tried them all, right?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to leave home at all to be able to pamper your stomach with the culinary delights of the archipelago. You can order via Go-Jek’s GoFood.

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2. Chase online shopping discounts

Many are waiting for August 17 to chase discounts. On Independence Day, there are lots of shops that offer discounts. But often, you have a lot of competitors.

So that you can get your dream items, you can use the Jago application. No more annoying loading when you want to top up your e-Wallet.

But of course, as a Jagoan you have to be wise when shopping. Don’t overspend and buy everything just because they are on sale.

3. Surprise those closest to you

You don’t have to surprise those closest to you only on special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. On independence day, you can also give a surprise.

The surprise can be in any form, including money. But if it’s just a money transfer, it’s not that exciting. That’s why you can make use of the Jago Giveaway Pocket. Through this Giveaway Pocket, you can send money with a greeting card. After the money is sent, Jago will let them know, instead of you, via a notification as this is a surprise

4. Set the target of saving together for the next year’s Independence Day celebration

Next year’s Independence Day is still a long way to go, but if you have fun goals to achieve together when August 17 arrives, you can start now.

Start saving together from now on, so that when the day comes, you will have enough money to do something that you can enjoy together.

You can set a shared savings target through the Jago Shared Pocket. You just need to invite people to join your Pocket. Everyone will then contribute to the Shared Pocket as agreed. Progress can be monitored at any time.

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