3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day, the Jago Way

15 December 2021

3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day, the Jago Way

Mothers are true jagoans. From giving birth to raising and taking care of us so that we become jagoans, mothers never stop loving us. Showing our love and gratitude certainly doesn't have to wait for Mother's Day. But, on Mother's Day, we can make it even more special.

3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day, the Jago Way

1. Accompany your mother to do what she likes

What does your mother like to do? There are mothers who like to make cakes, there are mothers who prefer to cook homemade meals. But, there are also mothers who like to travel everywhere or exercise to stay fit.

Whatever activity your mother likes to do, you can take a special time on Mother's Day to accompany her to do it. She will definitely feel happy to be able to do what she likes with her beloved child. If the activity costs money, you can take the initiative to pay all the necessary costs.

If the cost required is quite high, you can take some of the budget you set aside for personal enjoyment. You can sacrifice for her, just like she will always sacrifice for you. If you have sibling(s), you can invite them to chip in through the Shared Pocket that can be found in the Jago application.

2. Buy something your mother has been wanting for a long time

Is there something your mother really wants but hasn't bought yet? You can give it to her right on Mother's Day. For example, you can buy your mother some cooking appliances if she likes to cook. If what she wants is quite expensive, you can set aside money to save a few months in advance.

So you don't forget to save to give a surprise on Mother's Day, you can create a Saving Pocket specially for this need in the Jago application and then activate the Automatic Transfer feature so that every month there is always money that is automatically set aside and transferred to the Mother's Day Pocket.

Just like way #1, you can also invite your siblings to save together for Mother's Day celebrations by creating a Shared Pocket.

3. Send money with a message to your mother

If you mother acts mysterious and doesn't want to say what she likes when asked, you can use way #3.

You can send money along with the message you want to say to your mother right on Mother's Day. She can use the money as she wishes. It’s gonna be a surprise. But how to send money with a touching message?

Easy, Jagoans. You can use Jago's Giveaway Pocket feature. You don't need to tell your mother that you've sent the money and message. Later, Jago will tell her. Even more surprising.

What do you think, Jagoans? In order to make Mother's Day even more special, download the Jago application first so you can implement the three ways above.

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