Say No to Financial Stress with These 3 Jago Ways

21 June 2022

3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Financial Stress

Having no money is one of the triggers for stress. Stressing over money constantly keeps you from having peace of mind.  However, you can get rid of financial stress by applying these 3 jago but simple ways.

How to Get Rid of Financial Stress

1. Ensure there’s a financial safety net

A strong financial safety net can be built by owning a number of assets such as savings and investments. Building a financial safety net is a habit that needs to be cultivated early.

To stop stressing over money, you can start by having savings first, especially if you are not used to it.

Emergency savings must be a priority. By having an emergency fund, it will be easier to deal with emergency situations or unexpected events that come your way. Certified financial planner Annisa Steviani recommends that everyone has an emergency fund of at least three times their salary.

2. Monitor and analyze expenses on a regular basis

When you’re running low on money and you don't know why, it's easy to get stressed. However, by monitoring and analyzing expenses regularly you can know exactly where the money is going and avoid overspending.

To be able to more easily and practically monitor and analyze expenses, you can start by separating your needs. Finances will be more organized because the funds are not mixed in one place to meet various needs.

To make it feel practical and simple, you can take advantage of the Pocket feature in the Jago application. This feature makes it easy for you to separate your needs. What if you have to allocate budget for 20 needs? You can create 20 Pockets. When making a transaction from any Pocket, the transaction history will be saved and you can view it at any time.

In addition to monitoring expenses by accessing transaction history, you can also assess your expenses through the Spend Analysis feature. This feature presents data in the form of charts and percentages related to expenses per category and total expenses for a month. Just like transaction history, the Spend Analysis feature also presents data in real time.

3. Set financial goals

Having financial goals can help eliminate financial stress. By having financial goals, you have control over money because you yourself decide what steps are required to achieve those goals. For example, by setting aside a certain amount of money every month and reducing non-priority expenses.

Jago’s Saving Pockets can help you achieve your financial goals according to target. You can set a target and activate the Autosave feature. This way, it is easier to reach your savings target on time.

So Jagoans, are you ready to enjoy the beauty of life without financial stress? It’s time to start applying the three ways above and download the Jago application here if you don't have it yet.

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