Stop Overthinking, Here’s How to Manage Money Better the Kating Way

2 February 2022

Stop Overthinking, Here’s How to Manage Money Better the Kating Way

Those of you who often overthink about managing finances can end it immediately after reading this article. It's enough to just overthink about your thesis. When it comes to how to manage money better, there is Kating (Kakak Overthinking) who is ready to help you by sharing her secret.

Stop Overthinking, Here’s How to Manage Money Better the Kating Way

Are you a fan of all things Korean? Kating is a huge fan. Kating never wants to miss buying Oppa's album. There are also various merchandise that Kating loves to collect.

What’s more, Kating also needs to take care of her skin well. So, definitely Kating will buy her favorite skincare products.

But, it’s such a dilemma because Kating also needs to pay for this and that. Because Kating is still in university, she has to set aside money for her thesis. There are many other needs related to her study besides a thesis. Kating also lives in a boarding house. If Kating forgets to pay her rent, she will be scolded by the landlord. It can be a drama.

That's why Kating used to overthink a lot when it comes to money. It was really hard to manage money. But, that’s no longer the story. Now, Kating finds it really easy to manage money.

Relying on Jago to Manage Finances

Kating was very happy when she found out about the Jago application. You see, the Jago application has the Pocket feature that can help Kating separate her many needs. Jago Pocket…kiyowooo!

After starting to use the Pocket feature to separate needs and budget, overthinking about money has disappeared from Kating's life. Now, she can manage money better and her needs no longer mix with one another.

With Pocket, Kating can make sure there is money to pay for all obligations, such as thesis and rent payment. The rest of her money can be saved and used to buy the stuff she wants.

Even cooler, each Pocket that Kating created can be named as needed to avoid confusion. Some of Kating’s Pockets are Thesis Budget, Oppa’s Album, Skincare and New Phone. Kating can also allocate money to each Pocket.

Start following the Kating way to manage money better from now on. Feel how awesome it is when you no longer overthink about money. The Jago application can be downloaded here.

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