How to Treat Your Money Properly and With Care?

15 June 2022

How to Treat Your Money: 4 Ways to Do It Properly

We all know that every living being needs to be respected and treated properly and with care. But do you know that money also needs to be treated that way? Just as respect for others can maintain harmony, when treating money properly and with care there are many benefits that can be enjoyed.

When you treat money properly and with care, you don't have to worry about the present and the future. When money is managed right, you can achieve financial health. Every obligation is fulfilled, you have savings and you can still use the money for self-indulgence.

4 Ways to Treat Money Properly and With Care

1. Setting aside money for savings

You work hard to earn money, so you should enjoy it, right? Of course. But, you need to be wise regarding how to enjoy it. There are many ways to enjoy the money you make. You could just spend all your money buying this and that. But, what will happen when you have no money left?

You will always feel worried. Worried about not having any savings at all. What if something unexpected happens tomorrow and you don't have the savings to deal with the emergency? You will borrow money. What follows is when can you pay off the debt?

One thing you can do to prevent this is to set aside money for savings. Not just once or twice, but consistently. To be disciplined and consistent in saving, you can arrange for automatic transfers to your savings account.

In the Jago application, there is the Autosave feature that you can take advantage of. To be able to use this feature, you first need to create a Saving Pocket. Once the feature is active, the Saving Pocket will automatically collect money from the Main Pocket in the amount and on the date you specify.

2. Paying all bills on time

By paying all bills on time you have treated money properly and with care. How so? Because paying bills on time shows you are able to prioritize and fulfill obligations.

If you forget to pay your bills, you will be fined. This means you have to spend money to pay the fines. Paying fines is an unnecessary expense, and it's a shame to have to spend money because of negligence.

Jago is ready to help ensure all your bills are always paid on time with the Plan Ahead feature. The feature allows you to schedule recurring transactions and set up automatic bill payments or transfers

3. Set financial goals

Money is treated properly and with care when used to achieve financial goals. Financial goals must be meaningful and useful.

Financial goals are personal and can be different for everyone. If your friend's financial goal is to own a farm someday, then you don't need to plan on owning a farm if you don't like doing farm-related activities.

With Jago, you can set targets when financial goals must be achieved. Just like the Autosave feature, the Set Target feature requires you to have a Saving Pocket first. If you have 5 Savings Pockets, you can set different targets for each Pocket. The target can be adjusted according to the type of financial goal, whether it is short-term or long-term.

4. Monitoring spending

Monitoring how much money you spend and what you spend on is important to maintain cash flow and ensure spending sticks to the budget.

Monitoring spending is also very necessary when you are about to make financial decisions. For example, which expenses you can reduce and which expenses you can cut completely.

Monitoring spending is easy and practical with the Spend Analysis feature in the Jago application. You can find out the total spending per category as well as the total overall spending. You can also compare spending in the current month and the previous month.

The data presented in the form of percentages and diagrams make it easier for you to know for sure how money’s been used.

It’s time to start treating money properly and with care if you haven’t done so. The Jago application and its various features can help you become better at managing finances.

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don’t have it yet.

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