One Step Better at Saving as a Couple with These 4 Ways

30 May 2022

One Step Better at Saving as a Couple with These 4 Ways

Many things feel more exciting when done with your partner, including saving money. Exactly how to save as a couple?

4 Ways to Save as a Couple

1. Set a financial goal that you want to achieve together

When there is something you want to achieve, that's when you become more encouraged. You will do what is necessary to achieve the goal.

According to Annisa Steviani, a certified financial planner, there are financial goals that every couple must have. However, you can set your own financial goals to fulfill your dream and of course, the dream of your partner.

2. Agree on how you will save

After you and your partner have set financial goals together, then you can take the time to discuss how to save.

Do you and your partner contribute the same amount into the savings every month? Or will the person with higher income contribute more? To ensure you are on your way to make it happen, you and your partner can set a saving target and decide when the goal must be achieved.

3. Limit non-essential expenses

By limiting or cutting (if possible) less important expenses, you can save more and reach your financial goal faster. Even though you set a target 1 year from now, but if it can be realized 2 months earlier, it will be better right?

In order to know what expenses can be limited or reduced, you need to be disciplined in recording them. No need to do it manually because it's not practical. Just take advantage of the Jago application that updates transaction history real time. That is, after making a transaction, you can see the transaction in the transaction history right away.

By looking at your transaction history thoroughly, you can make decisions regarding expenses that can be limited or reduced slowly, if all at once is not possible.

In addition to transaction history, you can also monitor expenses by category through the Spend Analysis feature. Do you stick to the budget for your e-Wallet top-up? Do you eat out too often? All can be seen in the Spend Analysis.

4. Save in the right place

No less important is finding the right place to save, which makes it easier for you to save and reach your financial goals on time.

You and your partner can save together in a Saving Pocket, which can be used as a Shared Pocket, in the Jago application. Set your target and monitor your savings progress any time you want.

Interestingly, you can create a number of Shared Pockets if you have more than 1 financial goal to achieve. Each Pocket has its own unique Pocket number. The Pocket number has the same function as the account number. Saving in the Shared Pocket also gives you interest up to 3.5% p.a.*

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*Interest rate can change at any time in accordance with BI interest rates & LPS policy

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