4 Reasons Budgeting Can Reduce Financial Anxiety

2 December 2021

4 Reasons Budgeting Can Reduce Financial Anxiety 4 Reasons Budgeting Can Reduce Financial Anxiety

One way to be able to manage finances well is through budgeting. You must have been familiar with this method.

Preparing a budget is something that everyone needs to do, not just those who are experiencing financial problems. 

Financial anxiety can be reduced by making a budget. You don’t have to keep thinking about finances and life doesn't need to be stressful.

4 Reasons Budgeting Can Reduce Financial Anxiety

1. By budgeting, you can save more

Resisting the temptation to spend money is a hard thing to do for some people. Every time they see money sitting in their accounts, all they want to do is splurge.

By budgeting, you can use your money more wisely. The budget for entertainment or self-indulgence has been made at the beginning of the month. When there is only a little budget left, this is a sign to put the brakes on spending for a while.

That way, you can save more money. Life will be more at ease when you have savings. Financial anxiety is also reduced.

2. By budgeting, you can avoid debt

Still related to point #1, budgeting will help you make better spending decisions.

The budget that has been allocated to each need must be followed properly. This way, you only spend what you can afford. Without good budgeting, you will be more easily tempted to use money as you please, even to go into debt to satisfy all kinds of wants and desires.

When you have debt, financial anxiety will increase. You get additional financial responsibility, especially if you don't know when you can pay off the debt.

3. By budgeting, you can achieve financial goals more easily

When there is a goal that you want to achieve but you are not even close to achieving it, you will certainly feel anxious. The same goes for financial goals, both short term and long term.

Do you want to save for retirement or an emergency? Or do you want to be able to buy a house one day? There are also those who want to be able to send their children to pursue the highest level of education. All of these financial goals require money.

Budgeting can help you determine how much money should be allocated for each financial goal that is your dream. Achieving financial goals also helps build financial security.

4. By budgeting, you can build self-discipline

Getting started with budgeting and sticking to the budget may seem difficult at first. But, over time you will definitely get used to it and in the end sticking to your budget will become much easier.

Overspending will become an old habit that you have left behind. You'll have more money. You’ll also have more peace of mind. There will be no worries and burdens.

Easy and Practical Budgeting with Jago

Now that you are excited to start budgeting immediately, you can use the Jago application, which makes managing finances easy and practical.

Once your Jago account is created, you can create many Pockets to separate your various needs. This is where you can set a budget.

You can allocate money for each Pocket. If there is a transaction, it will be recorded in detail. This way, you can monitor the remaining budget whenever you want. Likewise when you want to add a budget. You don't need to delete the Pocket and create a new one.

Start managing your finances by budgeting. Download the Jago application here if you don’t have it yet.

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