You Can Now Pay Using QRIS on GoPay with Jago Pocket: What are the Benefits?

8 August 2022

You Can Now Pay Using QRIS on GoPay with Jago Pocket: What are the Benefits?

There is good news for all Jagoans who are also loyal Gojek customers. Jago and Gojek's collaboration in creating a digital ecosystem has brought various conveniences such as free top ups from Jago to GoPay forever. The number of top-ups is unlimited as well. Now, you can also make QRIS payments on GoPay using the Jago Pocket if you already link your Jago Pocket(s) to your Gojek account.

Why Pay Using QRIS on GoPay with the Jago Pocket?

1. Easier payment 

By choosing the Jago Pocket as a payment method, you can forget about topping up your GoPay balance. As long as the Jago Pocket that you use as a source of funds has a balance in it, you can immediately use it to complete a transaction. Hassle-free isn’t it?

Not only do you no longer need to top up your GoPay balance, you also don't need to panic at the cashier. You are ready to pay for your order but it turns out that your GoPay doesn't have enough balance. Not to mention if there are several other buyers in line who also want to make payments using QRIS. To avoid such incident, all you have to do is select the Jago Pocket when you want to pay.

2. One step better at managing expenses

The next benefit that you can enjoy is no less cool, Jagoans. By using the Jago Pocket to pay for your various needs through QRIS on GoPay, you can become better at managing expenses.

It’s because you can choose which Jago Pocket will be the source of funds to make it easier to manage expenses. Now, when you want to pay using QRIS on GoPay, you just have to choose the right Jago Pocket. For example, you want to buy coffee. Because coffee is a kind of beverage, the right pocket for you is the Snack Pocket, not the Transportation Pocket. You may name your pocket differently, not a Snack Pocket but a Coffee Pocket.

By choosing the right Jago Pocket as a source of funds when completing payments using QRIS on GoPay, you ensure that you stick to the budget of the Pocket.

It will be easier and more practical when you monitor expenses. Every transaction you complete through Jago will be automatically recorded in the transaction history. So, the history of the use of money is not scattered here and there.

3. Interest from using the Jago Pocket

To manage personal finances, there are basically 2 types of Pockets that you can choose from, namely Saving Pocket and Spending Pocket.

The type of Pocket that can be linked to Gojek is the Spending Pocket, as you need to spend money on food, entertainment, etc. The great thing is that it isn’t just the Saving Pocket that gives you interest. The Spending Pocket does the same.

It means you can make the most of your money when using the Jago Pocket. You can use the interest you get as additional pocket money or put it in your savings. You decide.

4. Various promotions

Finally, be prepared to enjoy various promotions. There will be promos available specifically for new users, existing users and all Jago users who choose the Jago Pocket as a source of funds for QRIS payments on GoPay. What are the promos? Stay tuned and keep on checking the promo pages on the Jago website! Don't forget to turn on your Jago app notifications so you're always up to date with other exciting news.

Talking about promos, do you know that there is a GoPay Coins reward of up to Rp 100,000 if you open a GoPay Jago account and make transactions with the Jago Pocket as a payment method at GoPay QRIS?

Details and terms and conditions for grabbing the GoPay Coins reward can be read here. Hurry up and register a Jago account through the Gojek application between November 1 - 20, 2022 because the reward quota is limited.

In addition to the GoPay Coins reward of Rp 100,000, there is a GoPay Coins reward of up to Rp 50,000. You can read on the same page for details and terms and conditions.

After knowing the various benefits that you can enjoy, now you must be wondering how to pay using QRIS on GoPay with the Jago Pocket? It's very easy, follow these steps:

  • Open the Gojek application and select the Pay menu
  • Scan the QRIS code provided by the merchant
  • Enter the amount as informed by the merchant
  • Choose the right Jago Pocket as a source of funds to make a payment
  • Confirm and continue to pay
  • You will receive a successful payment notification

Jagoans, it's time to feel the convenience, practicality and benefits of using the Jago Pocket to pay using QRIS on GoPay.

The Jago application can be downloaded here for those who don’t have it yet.

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