Why is the Jago application Suitable for Busy People?

21 February 2022

Why is the Jago application Suitable for Busy People?

Among Jagoans, there may be some who are busy with work, some who are busy taking care of children and the household. There are many other types of busyness as well. However, in the midst of busyness, there is one thing that should not be skipped: managing finances.

But, if my day is packed, how can I find the time to manage my finances? Fret not, Jagoans, because there is the Jago application. How can the Jago application help busy people like you to manage finances?

The Jago Application for Busy People

1. Separating needs and budgeting are quick and easy with the Pocket feature

It’s important to set aside some of your hard-earned money for savings. If you want to start saving for emergencies and retirements at the same time, you can use the Pocket feature. You can create 2 Saving Pockets. 1 Pocket for emergency savings and 1 Pocket for retirement savings.

Have a family? You can separate grocery shopping in a Spending Pocket and children's education in a Saving Pocket.

After all the Pockets that you want to create are ready, it's time for budget allocation. From the Main Pocket, you can move money to any existing Pocket.

2. Make scheduled and automatic payments or transfers with the Plan Ahead feature

Just like yesterday, today you have a lot of meetings from morning to evening. But today is different. Today is bill payment day. But, because of the meetings, you forget to pay.

Days go by and you still haven't paid the bills. The day comes when electricity and the internet are cut off. Only then do you realize that you forgot to pay the bills because you were so busy at work.

For that, Jago has a solution. Those of you who are very busy can start using the Plan Ahead feature. Are there recurring transactions that you need to complete? You can schedule payments or transfers. Not just for bills, you can schedule transfers to Saving Pockets, for example.

In addition to scheduled transactions, the Plan Ahead feature also allows for transactions to be completed automatically. If you have used it, even if you are busy, you will never forget to complete a transaction.

3. Monitor and analyze expenses that have been neatly summarized through the Spend Analysis feature

Why do expenses need to be recorded? You can find the answer in an article about the importance of recording expenses, which Jago previously wrote. After being recorded, expenses also need to be analyzed.

Jago understands that you are busy. The good news is, you don't need to record and analyze expenses at all. Just let Jago do it for you. Every rupiah that you spend on through the Jago application will be recorded by Jago. It's not just about recording expenses. Jago records as many details as possible so that it's easy for you to monitor them.

In addition, Jago also categorizes your expenses. There are many categories to choose from. Eating at a restaurant? Jago has that category. Topping up an e-Wallet? There is also an expense category for it.

To make it easy for you to monitor and analyze expenses, Jago presents all your expenses in a month in an easy-to-read diagram. You can also see the percentage of total expenses in a month and total expenses for each category, so you can compare expenses with previous months and evaluate financial health regularly.

What do you think, Jagoans? With Jago, you don't have to worry anymore about managing your finances in the midst of a busy schedule and various activities. Don't have the Jago application yet? You can download the Jago application here.

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