5 Anti Bokek Moves For All Jagoans

5 January 2022

5 Anti Bokek Moves For All Jagoans 5 Anti Bokek Moves For All Jagoans

Being bokek (broke) is not a pleasant experience, right Jagoans? When eating, your food tastes bland. Your mind is constantly restless. Don't want to experience something like that ever again? You can apply these 5 anti-bokek moves from Jago in your daily life.

5 Anti Bokek Moves For All Jagoans

1. Make a budget

Having a budget is very important, Jagoans. A budget can help you be more disciplined in using money. Every need needs to be budgeted for, whether it is priority needs such as saving or non-priority needs such as snacking.

When you consistently stick to the budget, bokek will no longer come because you have made a carefully-thought spending plan.

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2. Stop competing

Have you ever bought something so you don't lose out to other people or just to impress other people with the new stuff you have? Competing with other people is okay, as long as the competition is healthy. If the competition makes you bokek, it's best to just stop, Jagoans.

Making a budget will not have any effect if the competition is not stopped because you will make a larger budget portion for the competition. And, your money will only be used up to buy things you don't need, when in fact you can save it. Bokek will keep being your best friend.

3. Explore extra income for the future

You can earn more money to strengthen your finances by diligently exploring other sources of income, without letting go of the main source of income.

You can take advantage of the weekends by running a side business, doing freelance work or investing long-term as a passive income source. Don't forget to take Jago's Fintamin E as well.

4. Change the habit of buying things that are too cheap

Many people want to save money by buying things at the lowest prices. But unfortunately, this kind of habit can actually make you broke, Jagoans.

Price is usually in line with the quality offered. If what you buy is too cheap, it may break down more quickly. If this is the case, you need to spend more money to replace it by buying a new one.

5. Have emergency savings

Life becomes safer and easier with an emergency savings that is ready to be used in urgent or unexpected situations that require a lot of money.

Without an emergency savings, you will use money that should be used to meet daily needs. As a result, the money will run out quickly.

Emergency savings also helps you avoid unpleasant scenarios such as borrowing money or going into debt to deal with emergencies.

Manage Finances With Jago

To make it easier to manage finances and apply the anti-bokek moves above, you can use the Jago application.

For budgeting, paying bills on time, saving and setting targets, keeping money away from yourself by locking it, analyzing spending, all can be done in the Jago application.

Start taking advantage of the various features that are made to make life easier and make financial management fun.

If you don't have the Jago application yet, you can download it here.

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